Adios Baller On A Mission

It’s time people.

Time to make the switch from (man, that takes forever to type) to my new blog: (much easier to type and remember).

I am still a baller on a mission, but I think that the new domain name will work just fine. Check out the About section on my new blog to see my explanation for the baller21 switch.

So people, if you would be so kind to change my old link to the new link, that would be much appreciated.

This blog will self-destruct in 10 seconds! Get out of here. Check out my new blog Baller21. Change your link love.

I’m out.



The Most Exciting Two Minutes In Sports

Tomorrow, the first Saturday in May, marks the 134th Kentucky Derby .

The fans, celebrities, jockeys, and team owners are making final preparations for the biggest horse race in sports.

The fans are either anticipating another great race or excited about another excuse to party. The celebrities are putting the final touches on their outfits and big hats. The jockeys and team owners are hoping to earn the title as “Kentucky Derby Champion.”

However, the most interesting element about the Kentucky Derby is in the qualification process. There are strict guidelines that determine if a horse can enter or not.

1. Three-Year-Old Thoroughbreds Only. A horse can not race if they are younger or older than 3 years old. Talk about pressure! One and done in the biggest horse race of their careers. Proper documentation is a must (losing the birth certificate is not going to fly with these strict regulations).

2. Invitation Only. A horse can win an invitation (only 20 spots) by performing well on smaller horse racing circuits and by having enough “graded earnings” on their record. There is a points verses money earnings qualification discussion that goes into more details here.

3. Put Up The Cash. Entry fees alone are about $50,000 (entry plus starting fees). If you want to enter the Triple Crown nomination process, the fee is $200,000 for the Kentucky Derby alone. A price owners are willing to pay for glory.

Additional information I came across on the history of the Kentucky Derby: Celebrity Horse Owners.

M.C Hammer (1992, horse named Dance Floor, finished 3rd); New York Yankee owner George Steinbrenner ( 1997, horse named Concerto, finished 9th); U of L Rick Pitino (1998, horse named Hallory Hunter, finished 4th); Steven Speilberg (2003, horse named Atswhatimtalknabout).

Happy Derby!

PS. My wife is pulling for Pyro (9th spot, 6-1 odds). Big Brown is the favorite, but in the 20th spot, not a winner in that spot since the 40’s.

Blog Upgrade Coming Soon

Many posts ago I mentioned that I was exploring my blog upgrade options. I was looking at options within WordPress and even taking a peek at iWeb.

There are alot of user-friendly features in iWeb, but overall not up to standard with features offered in WordPress and other blogging platforms.

So…I have a new blog/domain name/theme/features coming very soon.  The site is up and running right now but I still need to polish the details.

I feel like a rookie that just got brought up to the big leagues, but I am having fun figuring it all out.


Native American Inspired Sneakers

(***Update*** This blog will no longer be updated. New posts are over at

I came across these soon to be released kicks via Kix And The City (Online Magazine Dedicated to Sneaker Culture).

The concept is inspired by Native American culture. Unique sneaker elements are the cracked leather and traditional Native American prints on the upper, rawhide laces with beads, and a spearhead at the ends.

It will be interesting to see how the Native American community, especially the sneakerheads, respond to the shoe. Will they rock’em with pride or view them as an uninspiring concept?

Check out how others are responding on the link above, in the comment section. Funny how people have different tastes!

Would I rock’em? Not sure, maybe in a low top. But the light blue is a problem, not my favorite color (reminds me of North Carolina Tar Heels).

(***Update*** This blog will no longer be updated. New posts are over at


Personality Type Indicator

I just recently took the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test for a potential job opportunity.

I am not a big fan of these kind of tests (subjectivity elements, so many questions that could go either way or in between, doesn’t help that I analyze things a lot) but still was interested in the results.

There were a few categories that were close percentage wise but the results indicated that I am a INFJ (Introvert, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging).

The funny part of these types of websites is their supposed comparison of types with famous people.

A few highlighted famous people with INFJ include Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Nicole Kidman, President Jimmy Carter, Martin Luther King Jr., Mel Gibson, Jerry Seinfeld, Tom Selleck, and Jaime Foxx. Wow, what can you say?

The most interesting one was Nathan, prophet of Israel. I guess there is enough evidence of his personality in the Biblical account?

Has anybody else taken these kind of tests? Famous people comparison? Can you guess which one made my wife crack up?

Round of Golf, Earthquake, Pops in KY

Early this morning we were awakened by an earthquake (I guess my dad brought it with him, along with the great weather). I believe this was the first experience for my wife as well. But we were all ok and my dad and I were still on to hit the golf links today.

We didn’t play that well but we had a fun time (beats work, sorry Arelis) and a great week.

Scouting Report (4/17)

Boston Red Sox’s Fan Tries To Jinx The Yankees
A construction worker tries to jinx the Yankees by placing a Red Sox’s Jersey under ground at the new Yankee Stadium. This is old news but still a crazy story.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Tips On Staying Fit After Forty
Still having fun playing ball after his prime.

Olympic Committee Forbids A Double-Amputee Sprinter At Trials In South Africa
The sprinter was told that his prosthetic racing blades will give him an unfair advantage. The decision was influenced by a German professors study in concluding that the runner uses less energy than able-bodied runners by 30 percent.